Valentine's Day is approaching, my lovers. I find the holiday a bit cliche, sort of like trying 69 position in high school. However, any excuse for a night of multiple orgasms is fine by me. This Valentine's Day, why not celebrate against the crowd (unless you're inviting them into your bed for group sex). To put it succinctly: rebel against tradition to increase orgasm emission.

Stay In  Rather than dine out, stay in and cook with your partner. (This will also save money for all the unconventional gift possibilities, stay tuned.) Fondue is sexy. It's also messy, so someone will surely spill a drop on their chest, leaving you no other option than to lick it off. Copious amounts of wine to accompany is an absolute must.

Dress Down  Think back to the last time your lover told you you looked beautiful. It was likely in bed, your hair tousled, after you just came so hard you went momentarily deaf. Instead of an uncomfortable dress or suit, wear something sexy and cozy. It's not like you'll be keeping it on very long anyway...Or even better, how about a costume for some role-playing? That always leads to hours of laughter and fun.

Mutual Gifts  Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, we've all gotten these before from boring exes. Why not buy a gift you can both enjoy? Babeland (http://www.babeland.com/)  is my go-to source for sex toys. Be it a couples' vibrator, strap-on dildo, or cock ring, they sell high quality sex toys for individuals all across the spectrum. If you're ready to really add some heat to the bedroom, how about a membership to a dating website to finally go after that threesome you've been fantasizing about?

Single?  There's no reason for you to miss out on the fun, and certainly don't spend the evening sulking. Rather than go out and get rip-roaring drunk only to end the night in tears, why not reward yourself? Give yourself a gift to amp up your sex life, like an online dating account or a personal vibrator. You'll probably end up having more orgasms than some couples. ;)

If you're outside of a fluid-bonded relationship, remember to practice safe sex. The most important thing is to have fun and not stress. You don't want to give yourself a panic attack; Xanax and alcohol mix horribly, and you won't get off if you pass out early. 

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