Written by Lux Alptraum

Forget the old stereotype of a lonely woman and her vibrator: today's sex toys are high design (and often high tech) tools of pleasure that are a must have for every bedroom. And they aren't just for solo expeditions, either. Some of the best toys on the market are specifically designed for two; intended not to replace sex but to make it a whole lot more fun. But what are the best toys on the market? Here are a few of my favorites:

JimmyJane's Hello Touch. A masterful bit of engineering, the Hello Touch will completely change your perspective on what your fingers are capable of. Strap the two tiny--yet incredibly powerful-- vibrators to your fingertips, and suddenly you'll have the power to transport your partner to a whole new level of ecstasy with just the touch of your finger. Hello Touch feels great on all sorts of body parts (both male and female) and can be used by anyone with fingers, making it a great toy for all couples of all orientations.

We-Vibe. Pleasurable as penetrative sex can be, there are some women for whom it just doesn't seal the deal--not without a little extra help from a vibrator, anyway. Numerous toy companies have tried to address this issue by repeatedly reinventing the vibrating cock ring, but We-Vibe turned that strategy on its head and created a vibrator that can be comfortably worn by a woman during intercourse, allowing for both the thrill of penetration and the stimulation, all at the same time. (And we hear that there are gentlemen who enjoy feeling the extra buzz as well.)

Lelo's SenseMotion line. Remote controlled vibrators have been around for a while, but Lelo found a way to make them even more interesting. Three toys from the Insignia line--the Tiani (a wearable vibrator like the We-Vibe), the Lyla (a bullet vibe), and the Oden (a cock ring)--are controlled by SenseMotion-powered remotes. What is SenseMotion? It's a fascinating new technology that allows a toy to be controlled, not by the push of a button, but by the physical movement of the remote. Tip it one way, and vibration increases; another, and it becomes more gentle. Best of all, the remote itself vibrates--the better to know what sort of pleasure you're giving to your partner.

Minna Ola. At first glance, the Ola looks like any other vibrator--but its innovation is in the details. The Ola is controlled by a touch sensitive pad: press it softly, and the toy vibrates gentler; a harder touch will up the vibration. Unlike other toys, Ola allows you to really get in on the action: instead of just pushing a few buttons and letting the toy do its thing, you're amping up your partner's pleasure with your own custom pattern (which, happily, can be recorded and put on loop when you happen to find one that really, really works).

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